Elephant F6
MSI Flexible endoscope

Vetscope – Compact reusable veterinary endoscope with 2-way bending, miniature 3.2 mm distal head, 1.2 mm working channel, hot swapping

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Elephant F6
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Elephant F6


Main Features:

Improved Detection : The device helps to detect potential illness  and remote connection for timely treatment and health record archiving.


Enhanced and Adaptable Imaging : The 4 mm HD LED distal end and the 600mm flexible inserting tube come with a professional-grade wide 60º FOV and 8~30mm Working Distance, facilitating close-up viewing of hard-to-reach areas, highly beneficial for pet care.


Real-time Live Streaming : Advanced Wi-Fi protocol enables real-time live image transmission, which is beneficial for remote monitoring.


Convenient and Versatile : The miniature-sized and flexible tube design enables easy body examination. In addition, it has dual Wi-Fi & UVC modes, allowing real-time viewing/recording with mobile/tablet/PC under iOS/Android/Windows.


High Battery Storage : >10+ hrs of continuous use, very convenient for healthcare professionals on the go.



Model No.                    



Angle of View




Adjustable  LED with 10 grade of LED adjustable level support.

Focus Range

8 to 30 mm

Image & Video

Video streaming 1280 x 720 up to 25fps
Video 2M
JPEG photo 5M


Dual Wi-Fi and  UVC modes for real-time mobile / tablet / PC photo / video viewing & recording  (on iOS, Android, and Windows)


DC 5V, USB Type C cable connection for charging in Li+ Battery(3.7V/3200mAH) Battery Duration: At least 10 hrs


Distal end  4 mm (inch : 0.157”)

Body : 32 x 34 x 93mm (inch : 1.3”x1.3”x3.66”)

Assembly & Documents

Packaging Details

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